Hammered and Brushed Collection

Unique textures that will beautify your cabinetry.

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Hammered in Satin Nickel

Hammered in Satin Nickel K-2002-SN

1-3/8″: K-2002-SN

Hammered in Satin Nickel P-2002-4-SN

4″: P-2002-4-SN

Hammered in Satin Nickel P-2002-6-SN

6″: P-2002-6-SN

Hammered in Satin Nickel P-2002-8-SN

8″: P-2002-8-SN

Hammered in Satin Nickel P-2002-12-SN

12″: P-2002-12-SN

Hammered in Satin Brass

Hammered in Satin Brass K-2002-SB

1-3/8″: K-2002-SB

Hammered in Satin Brass P-2002-4-SB

4″: P-2002-4-SB

Hammered in Satin Brass P-2002-6-SB

6″: P-2002-6-SB

Hammered in Satin Brass P-2002-8-SB

8″: P-2002-8-SB

Hammered in Satin Brass P-2002-12-SB

12″: P-2002-12-SB

Hammered in Gunmetal

Hammered in Gunmetal K-2002-G

1-3/8″: K-2002-G

Hammered in Gunmetal P-2002-4-G

4″: P-2002-4-G

Hammered in Gunmetal P-2002-6-G

6″: P-2002-6-G

Hammered in Gunmetal P-2002-8-G

8″: P-2002-8-G

Hammered in Gunmetal P-2002-12-G

12″: P-2002-12-G

Brushed in Satin Nickel

Brushed in Satin Nickel K-2001-SN

1-3/8″: K-2001-SN

Brushed in Satin Nickel P-2001-4-SN

4″: P-2001-4-SN

Brushed in Satin Nickel P-2001-6-SN

6″: P-2001-6-SN

Brushed in Satin Nickel P-2001-8-SN

8″: P-2001-8-SN

Brushed in Satin Nickel P-2001-12-SN

12″: P-2001-12-SN

Brushed in Satin Brass

Brushed in Satin Brass K-2001-SB

1-3/8″: K-2001-SB

Brushed in Satin Brass P-2001-4-SB

4″: P-2001-4-SB

Brushed in Satin Brass P-2001-6-SB

6″: P-2001-6-SB

Brushed in Satin Brass P-2001-8-SB

8″: P-2001-8-SB

Brushed in Satin Brass P-2001-12-SB

12″: P-2001-12-SB

Brushed in Gunmetal

Brushed in Gunmetal K-2001-G

1-3/8″: K-2001-G

Brushed in Gunmetal P-2001-4-G

4″: P-2001-4-G

Brushed in Gunmetal P-2001-6-G

6″: P-2001-6-G

Brushed in Gunmetal P-2001-8-G

8″: P-2001-8-G

Brushed in Satin Brass P-2001-12-G

12″: P-2001-12-G

All 1-3/8″ pulls: 1¾″ x 1″, 1¼” projection, 1-3/8″ CTC

All 4″ pulls: 4-3/8″ x 1″, 1¼” projection, 4″ CTC

All 6″ pulls: 6-3/8″ x 1″, 1¼” projection, 6″ CTC

All 8″ pulls: 8-3/8″ x 1″, 1¼” projection, 8″ CTC

All 12″ pulls: 12-3/8″ x 1″, 1¼” projection, 12″ CTC

All products may possess slight variations in color and size.