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About Sietto

Hardware from Chicago. Inspiration from everywhere.

Sietto’s goal has always been to create the most beautiful handcrafted cabinet hardware in the world. And the inspiration for that beauty arrives from some surprising places.

The winter sky blazing through a line of icicles inspired our Glacier line. Late afternoon sun behind a glass of Cabernet? Our Reflective line. The letters, numbers and cameos in our New Vintage line were uncovered in our travels to antique stores and boutiques.

Sometimes inspiration comes from customers and designers. Other times from showrooms, storefronts or architecture magazines. And occasionally beauty just happens – like the day we accidentally placed the textured glass upside down, which resulted in the Honeycomb line – it’s our job to capture it in our hardware.

Beauty and inspiration can’t be mass-produced.

We make all of our knobs and pulls in our Chicago studio. And we craft them by hand, in small batches, with no shortcuts and the purest materials available—an artistic tradition that’s endured for centuries.

That tradition includes an uncompromising attention to detail, for durability and uniformity that meets the highest home decorating standards.

Our styles may feel European, but our work ethic is pure Midwest. No fads, no trends—just designs and craftsmanship that will enrich your home for years to come.